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JB Shreve is the author of "How the World Ends: Understanding the Growing Chaos." He has been the host of the End of History podcast since 2012 where he helps believers understand how the world works and how our faith fits. He has degrees in International Relations, Middle East Studies and International Business. His other books include the Intelligence Brief Series. Regular posts and updates from JB Shreve are available at www.theendofhistory.net
erasing history

Erasing History

The establishment of the permitted narrative is the telling of history itself and it tells a lot about our own modern society. The efforts to hide parts of our history are not simply to protect us but to tell a new story and define a new future. It is a strategy that has been used before and it has always led to disastrous results.
protests in algeria
For the past three weeks, a growing wave of mostly peaceful protests has spread throughout the North African nation of Algeria. The popular protests are based largely in the capital city of Algiers but in recent days they have spread to other major cities within the country.
eugenics movement
The eugenics movement was a belief that fostered racism, discrimination, abortion, and genocide. It was embraced by academics, politicians, and celebrities.
venezuela in crisis podcast

Venezuela in Crisis

Understanding the facts and history behind the crisis in Venezuela
understanding kashmir
David Devadas, leading expert on the conflict and status in Kashmir visits with JB Shreve and the End of History. An important and insightful discussion about the recent terrorist attack in Kashmir.
everyone did what was right in their own eyes
In this blog post, I want to take a deeper look at this idea of “everyone doing what is right in their own eyes” to examine how this piece of scripture explains many of our current troubling issues and also how they can be resolved.
american anger

Anger Danger

Anger has come to define all too many facets of our daily life. It is in our news. It is in our social media. It is in our politics. It is in our workplace. It is in our homes and marriages. It is the symptom of an increasingly crippled...
brexit podcast
In today’s podcast episode we look at Brexit. Most Americans are “aware” of Brexit but few of us understand what is actually taking place, or why it is taking place. My special guest on this podcast episode shares an on the ground perspective and explainer for what is going on with Brexit.
The coup in Venezuela is neither the solution nor the end to Venezuela’s problems. At best we are simply entering a new phase of the Venezuela crisis.
ralph reed christians in politics
Who Were the Original Pharisees?   Throughout the ministry of Jesus, he consistently confronted and voiced His displeasure with a certain political and religious class within first-century Palestine. They were called the Pharisees. The Pharisees did not hold all the political power of the day. Another religious group, the Sadducees, actually...