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Social issues and changes believers should be informed of when developing their worldview.

Moral Fight Against Pornography

Ep 230: The Moral Fight Against Pornography

If you could outlaw an evil like pornography, would that be a good idea? Any reasonable perspective on society, morality, and improving the quality...

Ep 229: Ear Candy for the Masses

What has two thumbs and demands a new podcast episode about entertainment and American culture? You do - Most of you do. Well, most...

Coming of Age in the 2010’s – A Personal Review of the Decade

In the spring of 2010, dressed in an oversized purple graduation gown, I somewhat gracefully walked across the stage as a high school graduate....
Top 5 Movies of 2019

Episode 214: Top 5 Movies of 2019

What were your top 5 movies from 2019? In today’s podcast episode we look back on the year and discuss what our favorite movies...
religious persecution

Religious Persecution in 2019 and the Double Standard

A new movie portraying Christ released on Netflix recently. In the satirical comedy The First Temptation of Christ, Jesus is portrayed returning from his...
youth in despair

Episode 209: Youth in Despair

Last weekend South Korean K-pop star, Goo Hara, was found dead. Police have ruled the death of suicide. One month earlier another K-pop star,...

Truth, Politics, and Twitter

Last week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, issued an announcement. Effective November 22 his company would no longer allow political advertising on Twitter. This move...

Joker – Movie Review and a Prophetic Picture of Society

I should start by saying I don’t recommend this movie for kids. It is a dark, dark movie and not at all along the...

Walking By Faith in the Era of DeepFakes

We can no longer believe what we see even with our own eyes. How does a Christian walk by faith in the era of DeepFakes?

Alienated America – An Excellent Summer Read!!

Alienated America by Timothy Carney is one of my favorite books of 2019.