Social Issues

Social issues and changes believers should be informed of when developing their worldview.

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Right and Wrong & LGBT

If you have been following our podcast series on LGBT Facts & Fictions you have listened as episodes so far have removed the veil...
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The Ethics of Access in the Age of WikiLeaks

In July, during the moments immediately following the terrorist attacks in Nice, France I found myself frequently checking my phone’s Twitter app. I was...
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LGBT History – Separating Reality from Fiction

California has mandated that LGBT history be taught to grade schoolers. The question is, which history?
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LGBT Facts & Fictions: Podcast Series Show Notes

A partial listing of sources used to research the podcast series LGBT Facts & Fictions.

The Broken Trust

The anger and fear in America today is brought about by a broken trust. We have a responsibility to stand above the fray.

Ep. 112 – Identity Crisis

2015 Has been labeled the "Year of Identity" with the redefinition of fundamentals in human life and society that we once took for granted. JB Shreve...

Some Truth About Welfare

We all know what welfare is and as a heated and polarized election season has kicked off we will no doubt hear much about...

Brainwashing in the 21st Century – Viacom

Part 2 If you are my age you remember a time when MTV actually played music videos. Today the channel is much more active in...

Brainwashing in the 21st Century – Walt Disney Company

A look at how modern media owns the rights to influence and manipulate our perceptions from the cradle to the grave.

American Woman

There is a popular trend in American media and even policy to point out the struggle of women in different cultures around the world....