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romans 13 and christian politics

The Unnecessary Debate Over Romans 13

Attorney General Jeff Sessions stirred up an unnecessary debate within the media and among Christians about Romans 13 and Christian politics.
judgmental christians

Hold. The. Line.

An inherent characteristic of the Christian faith is judgment. Christians must know how to judge correctly in order to be the light of the world.
Pete Buttigieg Quarrel with God

Quarrelling with the Creator

This is an issue of sight into what is right and what is wrong. Recognizing deception and properly responding to deception is essential for faith-based people in this generation. When we hear a speech such as that presented by Mr. Buttigieg this week we need to recognize what it really is and also what the truth is.
lovers of self me me me generation

Ep. 194 – Lovers of Self – Show Notes

In 2 Timothy 3:2 there is a warning of terrible times in the future when (among other things) people will be lovers of themselves. This podcast episode looks at this reality of our current day and age. At no point in the history of the world can an entire generation even come close to competing with our own for the unfortunate title of being a people totally in love with themselves. I look at the history and the dysfunction of this horrible reality and these terrible times.
spiritual blindness

Pandemic Devotional – Naysayers & Truth Seekers

JB Shreve and LynnDee Summers recap the facts and highlights of the pandemic news this morning, then jump into the day's devotional. They examine the consistent trend of denial that has been one of...
which life matters

Which Lives Matter – Podcast Devotional

Which lives matter? This is the question JB Shreve looks at in today's podcast devotional as he examines the origins of our focus on self and individualism came from. This is the basis for...
the souls of men

Ep 227: The Buying and Selling of Men’s Souls

…and cinnamon and incense, fragrant oil and frankincense, wine and oil, fine flour and wheat, cattle and sheep, horses and chariots, and bodies and souls of men.  The fruit that your soul longed for has...
churches and the pandemic

Churches and the Pandemic

The story of churches and the pandemic is one that Christians should give some attention to. We can learn a lot at this historical moment. 
ralph reed christians in politics

The Party of the Pharisees – Christians and Politics

Who Were the Original Pharisees?   Throughout the ministry of Jesus, he consistently confronted and voiced His displeasure with a certain political and religious class within first-century Palestine. They were called the Pharisees. The Pharisees did...

Pandemic Devotional #9 – The Giants Aren’t the Point

JB Shreve is joined by Terrell Spencer from the Fighting Farmer Podcast for this morning's devotional as they discuss where our focus should be directed as we confront a pandemic. But the men who had...