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Learn the stories of history that created the issues of today.


Ep. 184 – History of Terrorism Part 7: The Anarchists

This podcast episode looks at the continuing story of the History of Terrorism and The Anarchists. In the late 18th century the effects of the...
history with disease history of pandemic history of outbreaks history of pestilence aids

Plagued: Humanity’s History with Disease, Outbreaks, and Pandemics

If you are curious about the history of disease and where today's coronavirus pandemic fits into that story then you will not want to miss this series! 
things you didn't know about the founding fathers

Ep. 188 – Things You Might Not Know About the Founding...

This is a peak into things you might not know about the founding fathers and really about the weirdness of the founding fathers.
Why is Latin America So Dysfunctional

Why is Latin America So Dysfunctional? Part One – The US...

Why is Latin America so dysfunctional, and plagued by poverty and violence? This 4-part series looks at the history of America's involvement and interference in Latin America. Part 1 looks at the historical relationship of between the US and Mexico.
islamic extremism

Ep. 117 – Killers in the Name of God – Part...

This is part 1 of the three part podcast series that look at the history of Islamic Extremism. JB Shreve looks at the early history...

The History of American Foreign Policy in the Middle East –...

Check out this new podcast series available to premium members only. Episode 1: Cowboys, Arabs and Jews is now available for download!

The Islamic Apocalypse Begins Today

  Yesterday the first shots of the apocalypse were fired. This is a historical fact - if you believe the prophecy that drives much of...

Polio – The American Plague

Polio is an ancient disease but in the 20th-century, few plagues better captured the American spirit than polio did. Plagued: Humanity’s History with Disease, Outbreaks,...
aq khan

Ep. 178 – North Korea, Iran and the Wrath of Khan

This podcast features the true story of AQ Khan, the man who more than any other individual helped spread the threat of nuclear war...
puerto rico history

Puerto Rico History and Its Strange Relationship with the US

You've heard about the protests but what do you know about Puerto Rico's history? Ever heard of the insular cases? What about when American scientists tested birth control pills on poor Puerto Rican women?