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Learn the stories of history that created the issues of today.

origins of the Kashmir conflict why is kashmir so important

Kashmir Conflict Backgrounder

This post is part of my wider History of India series. Today we look at the history of the Kashmir conflict and also answer...

Ep. 184 – History of Terrorism Part 7: The Anarchists

This podcast episode looks at the continuing story of the History of Terrorism and The Anarchists. In the late 18th century the effects of the...
democratic republic of the congo

What In the World Is Going On In the Congo and...

This backgrounder on the Congo crisis explains what is going on in the DRC and how we got here. While the government has until January 15, to announce an official election winner many experts fear the nation is about to fall into yet another period of extensive violence and warfare.
world health organization timeline

Timeline of the World Health Organization

This timeline of the World Health Organization and its history helps shine a light on the organization's purpose and achievements. I referenced this timeline...
iran history islamic republic of iran history us and iran history of iran podcast history of Iran podcast episode 5 history of iran podcast episode 4 history of iran podcast episode 3 history of iran podcast episode 2 history of iran podcast episode 1

Ep. 192 – The Islamic Republic of Iran Is Born: History...

Part 4 in our series looks on the History of Iran and the Next War looks at the decade following the Islamic Revolution of 1979. We look at the severing of Iranian relations with the west, the Iran-Iraq War, and chaos and atrocities unleashed by the Ayatollah Khomeini and the end of Iranian relations with the western world. 
puerto rico history

Puerto Rico History and Its Strange Relationship with the US

You've heard about the protests but what do you know about Puerto Rico's history? Ever heard of the insular cases? What about when American scientists tested birth control pills on poor Puerto Rican women?

Why is Latin America So Dysfunctional? Part Three – United Fruit...

The United Fruit Company introduced a new level of corporate imperialism to Latin America and is key to understanding the modern dysfunctions in the region as well as America's relationship with its neighbors.
islamic extremism

Ep. 118 – Killers in the Name of God Part 2:...

Before Islamic extremism took hold in the Middle East there was actually a decline in Islam’s influence there as nationalism and political philosophies took...
history with disease history of pandemic history of outbreaks history of pestilence aids

Plagued: Humanity’s History with Disease, Outbreaks, and Pandemics

If you are curious about the history of disease and where today's coronavirus pandemic fits into that story then you will not want to miss this series! 

William Jennings Bryan – American Progressive

This first episode in our podcast, The Losers, tells the story of William Jennings Bryan. Bryan is what you would get if you combined...