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violence in afghanistan

Another Day of Violence Dawns in Afghanistan

The violence in Afghanistan is exploding to new levels.  As the US bombing campaigns on Taliban targets intensify a battle for dominance between ISIS,...
internal displaced people

Record Levels of Internal Displaced People in 2019…And We Are Barely Past the Halfway...

A new report from the Internal Displaced Monitoring Centre provides a glimpse of both the good news and bad news regarding people who have...
Attack On Saudi Arabia Oilfield

Attack On Saudi Arabia Oilfield – A Snapshot Overview

If you paid attention to the numbers at your local gas station yesterday you may have noticed a slight increase in prices from Friday...
chinese prisons

Chinese Prisons Filling with Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang

A look at the incredible report from the New York Times regarding the Chinese prisons overflowing with Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang province.

National Register of Citizens Endangers Nearly 2 Million People in India

The National Register of Citizens is the latest example of Prime Minister Modi's surge toward Hindu nationalism in the world's largest democracy.
ebola outbreak in congo

Critical Issues and Trends – Africa – Ebola Virus a Global Health Crisis, Cure...

The Ebola outbreak in Congo is the second largest in history. New unrest and violence in the region of the outbreak is raising fears of it growing worse.
Gaza Terror Attacks

Gaza Terror Attacks – Critical Issues & Trends – Terrorism

Gaza Terror attacks could signal new trends in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
sudan backgrounder protests

What Is Going On in Sudan – Sudan Protests Fact Sheet and Backgrounder

This backgrounder on the growing crisis in Sudan explains what is currently taking place, how we got here and what the future might hold.
media bias

Media Bias Report

This interactive tool allows you to see where your favorite publications and media fall on the political spectrum.
what is going on in Hong Kong

What Is Going on In Hong Kong – Background and Explainer Hong Kong Protests

This backgrounder explores what is going on in Hong Kong. Massive protests in Hong Kong continue with the threat of violence growing daily.