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protests around the world

Protests Surging Around the World

The long hot months of summer are usually the point when emotions boil over into the form of chaotic and often violent protests in...
hong kong protests

The Coming Reckoning in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is moving toward meltdown and a terrible and violent confrontation between the protesters and authorities is almost inevitable. The Hong Kong protests...

Joker – Movie Review and a Prophetic Picture of Society

I should start by saying I don’t recommend this movie for kids. It is a dark, dark movie and not at all along the...
podcast that predicted trump would be impeached

Two Years Ago This Podcast Predicted Trump Would Be Impeached in 2020…and much more

I predicted the impeachment 2 years ago, that it would come as the 2020 presidential campaign was gearing up, and that it was only the beginning of worse things on the horizon.
70 Year Communist Anniversary in China

70 Year Communist Anniversary in China and a Dark Horizon Ahead

The People’s Republic of China turns 70 years old today. This is a major event for the world’s longest-lasting Communist superpower. The Soviet Union...
water crisis in the sahel

Water Crisis in the Sahel

This post on the water crisis in the Sahel is part of my ongoing blog series on the global water crisis. In my last...
understanding the protests in egypt

Understanding the Protests in Egypt

Over the weekend much of the world was caught off guard by a sudden burst of protests in Egypt. Protesters took to Tahrir Square...
crisis in the red zone

Crisis in the Red Zone

I finished the book, Crisis in the Red Zone, this week and was very surprised not only by how informative it was but how...
water wars

Water Wars and the Global Water Crisis

This post on water wars is part of an ongoing series where we are tracking the global water crisis. In 2012 Adel Darwish, author of...
violence in afghanistan

Another Day of Violence Dawns in Afghanistan

The violence in Afghanistan is exploding to new levels.  As the US bombing campaigns on Taliban targets intensify a battle for dominance between ISIS,...