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Pandemic Devotional #12 – A Different Way to Live

JB Shreve is joined by Jonathan Webster for this morning's pandemic devotional. The two discuss the need and gift of the Holy Spirit to...
Why You Should Tune in to Russian News

Why You Should Tune in to Russian News

Russian news is propaganda news. It cannot be trusted. And this is why you should tune in to Russian news so you will be better informed about the world.
mali massacre

Massacres in Mali – Growing Violence in West Africa Reaches a...

The death count has reached 134 in a massacre that occurred over the weekend in Central Mali. The beleaguered West African nation is in the midst of an ever growing and unstoppable war that mixes Islamic extremism with ethnic violence. This war has only escalated in violence since its outbreak in 2013. This weekend’s massacre is only the most recent atrocities committed against the people of Mali in this ongoing turmoil.
June 17, 2020, Daily Update

New Records – Daily Update

This is your June 17, 2020, Daily Update. Follow the daily updates here. US Pandemic Florida recorded a new daily high yesterday with over 2,700 newly confirmed...
what is terrorism

The Fearful Threat in the Language of Terrorism

If you have been following the podcast series at the End of History regarding the History of Terrorism then you know one of the...
Which countries have nuclear weapons

Whose Got the Nukes

This infographic offers a few considerations from the recent podcast episode. This infographic shows which countries have nuclear weapons as well as who has the...

Ep 250: Some Chillaxing Through the Quarantine

I saw this on Facebook this afternoon and thought some of us might relate. https://www.facebook.com/tim.cantgetright/videos/3253316924700673/ For our family, we are on day 11 of the quarantine...
terrorism trends

Critical Issues & Trends: Terrorism – Burkina Faso

Terrorist attacks have quadrupled in the nation of Burkina Faso since 2017. A state of emergency has been declared in six of the nation’s 13 provinces.

Ep 221: Idlib – Last Battle of the Syrian Civil War?

The story of the Syrian Civil War has been a story of ongoing crises and humanitarian catastrophes. Today the greatest of all these tragedies...
water crisis in the sahel

Water Crisis in the Sahel

This post on the water crisis in the Sahel is part of my ongoing blog series on the global water crisis. In my last...