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70 Year Communist Anniversary in China

70 Year Communist Anniversary in China and a Dark Horizon Ahead

The People’s Republic of China turns 70 years old today. This is a major event for the world’s longest-lasting Communist superpower. The Soviet Union...
the power of a journey

The Power of a Journey

JB and Casie Shreve reflect on the power of a personal journey to change the way we perceive life's circumstances. Life is seldom what...
July 24, 2020, Daily Update July 1, 2020, Daily Update

Wrong Direction – Daily Update

This is your July 1, 2020, Daily Update. The big things happening today you need to pay attention to. Follow the daily updates here. US Pandemic...
slide toward evil

The Slide Toward Evil

Our modern society is held together by a string of illusions that help believe things are better than they are. We imagine we are...
September 9, 2020, Daily Update

Major Vaccine Trial Paused

This is your September 9, 2020, Daily Update. The big things happening today you need to pay attention to. Follow the daily updates here.  (Editor’s Note:...

Walking By Faith in the Era of DeepFakes

We can no longer believe what we see even with our own eyes. How does a Christian walk by faith in the era of DeepFakes?
if the nba was a national economy

If the NBA was a National Economy

I was curious how today's NBA contracts line up to national economies in the world. What would it look like if the NBA was a national economy?

the End of History Devotional – Love Your Neighbor

JB Shreve is joined by Malachi Nichols for this morning's devotional. Malachi considers the simple changes and steps we can take to operate from...

1967 Six Days War Timeline – Infographic – the End of...

This is a graphic of the 1967 Six Days War timeline. It goes well with my podcasts and guides on the story. Learn more...

Drought and the Global Water Crisis

This post on the threat of drought is part of the ongoing series where we are tracking the global water crisis.