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Gaza Terror Attacks

Gaza Terror Attacks – Critical Issues & Trends – Terrorism

Gaza Terror attacks could signal new trends in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
sudan backgrounder protests

What Is Going On in Sudan – Sudan Protests Fact Sheet and Backgrounder

This backgrounder on the growing crisis in Sudan explains what is currently taking place, how we got here and what the future might hold.
media bias

Media Bias Report

This interactive tool allows you to see where your favorite publications and media fall on the political spectrum.
what is going on in Hong Kong

What Is Going on In Hong Kong – Background and Explainer Hong Kong Protests

This backgrounder explores what is going on in Hong Kong. Massive protests in Hong Kong continue with the threat of violence growing daily.

Drought and the Global Water Crisis

This post on the threat of drought is part of the ongoing series where we are tracking the global water crisis.
history of india modern india podcast series india backgrounder, everything you need to know about India, history of india, history of india podcast

Complete History of India Podcast Series

The complete popular podcast series that tells the story of the History of India is now available to the public again.

Critical Issues & Trends – Terrorism Thrives in Afghanistan While Peace Talks Continue

US representatives have been meeting in recent weeks with representatives from the Taliban. The purpose of these meetings is to negotiate an “honorable peace”...

3 Ridiculous Stories, and 1 Really Good One – A Review of This Past...

Gay penguins, Trump to Buy Greenland, Transgender Lingerie Models, and a Cure for Ebola. A review of some of the news stories you might have missed from this past week.

Critical Issues & Trends – Terrorism – ISIS As a Global Terrorist Organization

In 2018 President Trump declared victory over ISIS was nearly complete. The Pentagon claimed 98% of ISIS territory was regained and suggested the war...
what is happening in Kashmir

Historically Dangerous Events Unfolding in Kashmir

While the western media is largely ignoring this story, a major historical event has unfolded in Kashmir this week. The following briefer explains what is going on in this extremely unstable situation.