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whose side is god on

Whose Side is God On?

The recent spate of political leaders' claim that God is on their side gives us pause to consider how do we really know whose side God is on.
torture in kashmir

Torture in Kashmir – Critical Issues & Trends – Humanitarian

Two new reports detailing torture in Kashmir have alerted the world to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in this global hotspot.
violence in burkina faso

Critical Issues & Trends – Terrorism – Escalating Violence in Burkina...

Experts are beginning to identify concerning trends in the growing violence in Burkina Faso. Read the lastes in this Critical Issues & Trends - Terrorism report.
good samaritan

Ep. 203 – A Good Samaritan Posture in a God Bless...

Identity politics, from the left or the right, do not fit into the standard called for by Christ. How do we carry a Good Samaritan perspective in a God Bless America world?
what causes terrorism

Critical Issues & Trends – Terrorism – Death From Above, A...

What causes terrorism? This look at American drone and air strikes considers a different kind of terrorism that may soon come to haunt us.
what is happening in libya

Critical Issues & Trends – Africa – What Is Happening in...

This backgrounder is meant to give you an understanding of what is happening in Libya today.
us war with iran

Drumbeat of War – Understanding What Is Going on Between the...

The inevitability of war between the US and Iran is based upon the fact that all alternatives to war between the two nations are being removed.
who is my neighbor

Who Is My Neighbor – Christian Perspective in the Face of...

Who is my neighbor? How should Christians respond to the growing violence against religions, both our own and others'.
children of isis

Children of ISIS – Critical Issues & Trends – Humanitarian

In the aftermath of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the world has a growing humanitarian concern in what is known as the children of ISIS.
boko haram

34,900 Deaths and Still Counting – Boko Haram Is Still A...

In the last decade violence inspired by Boko Haram has resulted in nearly 35,000 deaths. There is no clear end in sight for this violence.