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srebrenica massacre

24 Years Ago Today – Srebrenica Massacre

Twenty-four years ago this week the Srebrenica massacre took shape. It stands as one of the darkest shadows in Europe since World War II.
deaths of despair

7 Numbers That Tell the Story of Deaths of Despair in America

Deaths of despair are deaths that result from drugs, alcohol, and suicide. It is a number that has grown at alarming rates in the last 20 years.
christian perspective on immigration

Finding a Christian Perspective in the Immigration Debates

A Christian perspective on immigration and other political issues is key for believers to separate themselves from the anxiety and deception that defines our day and age.
stranger things review

A Spoiler Free Review of Stranger Things Season 3

A review of the Netflix series Strangers Things Season 3 from a Christian family perspective. Spoilers not included here.
global water crisis

The Global Water Crisis Has Arrived

The Global Water Crisis story is an ongoing series we are featuring here at JB Shreve & the End of History. New aspects and explainers on various aspects of the crisis can be found regularly here.
afghan civilian deaths

5 Numbers That Tell the Story of Afghanistan

These 5 numbers tell the story of the great toll being taken upon Afghan civilians in this long war.
what is man

What Is Man?

Whether you have consciously considered the question or not, your own answer to the question "what is man" has shaped your worldview.
christians killed in burkina faso

Christians Killed in Burkina Faso Today…Again

More Christians killed in Burkina Faso violence today. Islamic terrorist attacks on Christians is becoming a recurring event in the Sahel region of Africa.
whose side is god on

Whose Side is God On?

The recent spate of political leaders' claim that God is on their side gives us pause to consider how do we really know whose side God is on.
torture in kashmir

Torture in Kashmir – Critical Issues & Trends – Humanitarian

Two new reports detailing torture in Kashmir have alerted the world to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in this global hotspot.