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Hold. The. Line.

An inherent characteristic of the Christian faith is judgment. Christians must know how to judge correctly in order to be the light of the world.
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Ep. 138 – History of the Religious Right Part 1: Before...

The origin of Christian involvement in American politics has a longer history than most people realize but it probably does not begin where you would imagine. Episode 1 of this series on the history of the religious right in America examines early 20th century Christian involvement in politics. Some of the most devoted and progressive Christians in American politics in the early 20th century would not even be allowed in the Republican party by today’s standards.
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History of the Religious Right Podcast Series: Show Notes

This podcast series runs 5 podcast episodes long and tells the story of the religious right history without prejudice. Christians and conservatives will enjoy...
divided we stand

Divided We Stand

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Abraham Lincoln   Yesterday’s podcast episode (11/9/16) looked at the issue of social divisions in America that have been...

The Islamic Apocalypse Begins Today

  Yesterday the first shots of the apocalypse were fired. This is a historical fact - if you believe the prophecy that drives much of...
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The Righteous – The Christian Response to a World Collapsing

At the Yad Vashem Holocaust Remembrance Center there is a special exhibit described as the “Righteous Among the Nations.” This unique exhibit commemorates those...
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The Ethics of Access in the Age of WikiLeaks

In July, during the moments immediately following the terrorist attacks in Nice, France I found myself frequently checking my phone’s Twitter app. I was...

The Broken Trust

The anger and fear in America today is brought about by a broken trust. We have a responsibility to stand above the fray.
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Ep. 124 – Venezuela in Crisis – Part 1

This two part podcast series explains the how the current crisis in Venezuela developed. Part 1 looks at the history of Venezuela and demonstrates this South American nation's unique place in the global order. Venezuela in Crisis helps you understand the news that is unfolding today.

7 Reasons Donald Trump Will Be the Next US President

Every respected poll currently shows Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States. The Washington Post ran a story Monday entitled...