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good samaritan

Ep. 203 – A Good Samaritan Posture in a God Bless America World

Identity politics, from the left or the right, do not fit into the standard called for by Christ. How do we carry a Good Samaritan perspective in a God Bless America world?
us war with iran

Drumbeat of War – Understanding What Is Going on Between the US and Iran

The inevitability of war between the US and Iran is based upon the fact that all alternatives to war between the two nations are being removed.
white nationalist terrorism what is white nationalism

Ep. 202 – History of Terrorism Podcast Series – White Nationalist Terrorism

This podcast tells the story that formed the modern white nationalism movement and the background of white nationalist terrorism.
venezuela in crisis podcast

Venezuela in Crisis

Understanding the facts and history behind the crisis in Venezuela
understanding kashmir

Ep. 201 – Understanding Kashmir – Kashmir and the Recent Terrorist Attack

David Devadas, leading expert on the conflict and status in Kashmir visits with JB Shreve and the End of History. An important and insightful discussion about the recent terrorist attack in Kashmir.
gay rights movement history lgbt morality

Facts and Fictions: A Podcast and Research Project Into a Christian Perspective on LGBT

This series was designed with both parents and college students in mind. Against the overwhelming assault of political correctness and the mentality of “I don’t care about the facts, I know the truth,” some solid fact-based research and analysis on the issues of LGBT are beneficial. This is not meant to disparage or disrespect anyone. I hope the tone of the podcast demonstrates that.
brexit podcast

Ep. 198 – Brexit Podcast Interview: What Is Brexit?

In today’s podcast episode we look at Brexit. Most Americans are “aware” of Brexit but few of us understand what is actually taking place, or why it is taking place. My special guest on this podcast episode shares an on the ground perspective and explainer for what is going on with Brexit.
congo elections

Ep. 196 – What’s Going On In the Congo

On December 30, the Democratic Republic of the Congo held elections that should have taken place more than two years ago. Last week the government announced the official winners of the elections. While much of the world celebrated the DRC’s first peaceful and democratic transition of power since independence in 1960 a select few voiced concerns. The official winners of the election did not match what the exit polls revealed on election day.
history of irish terrorism michael collins

Ep. 195 – History of Terrorism: Irish Terrorism

My podcast series on the History of Terrorism continues with the story of Irish Terrorism. This episode looks at the origins of the conflict between the Irish and the British and moves through the 19th century and all the way to Michael Collins and the Irish Free State.
history of the religious right podcast series

History of the Religious Right

A respectful and honest account of the history of the religious right.