Breaking Records – Daily Update

This is your July 3, 2020, Daily Update. The big things happening today you need to pay attention to. Follow the daily updates here.

US Pandemic

For the third day in a row, the US set a new reporting record with more than 53,000 coronavirus cases yesterday. Thirteen states broke their new case records since Sunday. Deaths from the coronavirus are still decreasing in the US, but at a slower rate than previously. In other words, it appears we are starting to transition into a new phase. US weekly testing is at an all-time high at more than 4.3 million this week.

Deaths by coronavirus rose three weeks in a row in Arizona. Nearly 1 in 4 tests now comes back positive in Arizona. Texas also saw their coronavirus deaths rise for three weeks in a row, but this week was the largest spike for new cases and deaths in Texas.

Coronavirus deaths are up for the second week in a row in Florida. Yesterday the state reported more than 10,000 new cases in a single day for the first time.

Global Pandemic

Yesterday there were more than 200,000 cases around the world reported for the first time in a single day. The world passed 10 million coronavirus cases last Saturday. Today we will surpass 11 million.

coronavirus hot spots July 3, 2020, Daily Update
Nations reporting 1,000 new cases or more in the last 24 hours. July 3, 2020, Daily Update


Thirty-two civilians died when terrorists struck a town in Mali.

Philippine President approved a controversial anti-terrorism bill. Critics warn the bill allows President Duterte to target political opponents in the name of fighting terrorism.


China names a hardliner famous for cracking down on previous protest movements to head up the new national security law enforcement in Hong Kong.

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