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Tensions between North and South Korea have escalated for weeks. As North Korea’s leader Kim Jung-un disappeared from the public once again, his sister Kim Yo-Jung has increased both the rhetoric and the tensions. When defector groups in the south sent messages to people in the north, Yo-Jung cut off communications between the two nations. Yesterday she threatened to renew military action against the south. Hours later, the liaison office previously used to facilitate communication between the two countries exploded.

At least three Indian soldiers died in a clash with the Chinese military in the disputed Kashmir region. The two nations were in a standoff since mid-May in the border area that produced the most significant alarms since the countries went to war in the early 1960s. Many thought the tensions between China and India had died down until these overnight flare-ups.

US Supreme Court Landmark Decision

The Supreme Court extended protection of the 1964 Civil Rights Act to the LGBTQ community. Those who follow mainstream media may understand this to mean people who identify as LGBTQ now have job protection that protects them from termination based upon their sexuality. In reality, that protection already extended to most LGBTQ people across the country. The decision yesterday means the special status and protection to the LGBTQ community can now spread to schools, locker rooms, churches, and a vast host of other locations. It opens up the door for further discrimination against those with traditional views on marriage.

US Pandemic June 16, 2020, Daily Update

In cities that hosted some of the largest protests in recent weeks, mayors and city officials are pushing for free and widespread coronavirus testing. The country would have been well-served to have that level of testing during the national lockdown of March and April. Local and state governments are increasingly concerned about how the protests will play into a growing second wave of coronavirus cases in the US.

The US is experiencing coronavirus spikes in the southern and midwestern states. Twenty-seven states are now reporting higher seven-day averages than the week before.

The father of controversial Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has died from complications related to COVID-19.

Global Pandemic

A new report from the Lancet Global Health says at least 1.7 billion people around the globe fall into the categories most at risk to COVID-19. As the virus spreads, these are the people with the underlying conditions that cause the virus to worsen, and death becomes more likely.

Brazil surpassed Italy and the UK in total deaths from the coronavirus. The South American nation is now second only to the US in most confirmed cases and deaths. Brazil reported nearly 25,000 new coronavirus cases on Monday, suggesting the country will hit the 1 million mark in the next week.

Bangladesh is now turning away coronavirus patients arriving at hospitals. The geographically small country of more than 161 million people is on the list of growing global concerns for coronavirus hot spots around the world.


Gunmen killed at least 24 soldiers when they attacked a convoy in Mali near the country’s border with Mauritania.

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