This is your June 22, 2020, Daily Update. Follow the daily updates here.

More than 30,000 new coronavirus cases reported across the US Friday. It was the highest day for new cases in the US since May 1.

The state of Florida is nearing 100,000 coronavirus cases. Florida is the location of several popular culture and national events in the next two months. These include President Trump’s Republican nomination speech, which is to take place in Florida on August 15. Several major league baseball teams moved their spring training camps out of Florida due to the rapid rise of new cases there. The NBA said the organization’s return to play plan in Orlando may be in danger for the same reason.

More people are hospitalized for the virus in Arizona and Texas today than at any point since the pandemic began.

China is restricting poultry imports from a Tyson Foods slaughterhouse in Springdale, Arkansas, that experienced a surge of new coronavirus cases.

Global Pandemic – June 22, 2020, Daily Update

The World Health Organization (WHO) said there were more than 183,000 new coronavirus cases around the world– the largest 24-hour increase to date. The globe passed the 9 million total confirmed cases point over the weekend. Eighty-one nations have seen increases in new cases over the last two weeks. Only thirty-six nations saw declines.

Baghdad, Iraq is experiencing a surge in new coronavirus cases. Since Ramadan, cases increased sevenfold in the city.

Officials in South Korea say the country is now experiencing a second wave of new infections. They mark the beginning of South Korea’s second wave to the end of May.

Civil Unrest

The mayor of Atlanta said nine police officers resigned in the last week after the prosecutor’s office filed charges against the officer who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks.

A shooting took place in the so-called “Autonomous Zone” of Seattle over the weekend. Local protesters guard the area, and no police are allowed into the autonomous zone. Protesters denied entry to the police in the autonomous zone.  The arrival of medical personnel delayed as they awaited safe entry from the police. One victim died, and another remained in critical condition. On Sunday, a second shooting took place in the autonomous zone. The victim was taken by private vehicle to the local hospital

The attack on statues and monuments by activists continued over the weekend. A statue of former President and Union Army General Ulysses S. Grant toppled in San Francisco. Although the general defeated the Confederate Army in the Civil War, activists deemed his statue evil because the general owned a slave once before the war. College officials said they would strip Woodrow Wilson’s name from a hall at Monmouth University in New Jersey.  In New York, local officials announced their intent to remove a statue of Theodore Roosevelt due to its depiction of Native Americans and African Americans.

Water cannons dispersed Anti-lockdown protests in The Hague after the demonstrations turned violent.

Terror Attacks 

Multiple deaths resulted after three bombings in Somalia. The terror group Al Shabab claimed credit for at least one of the attacks.

Three people were killed and several injured in a knifing attack in Reading, England, on Saturday. Police say the attack was a terror incident.

2020 Election

President Trump’s election rally in Tulsa, his first return to the campaign trail since the beginning of the pandemic, had significantly lower attendance than expected. The Tulsa arena, where Trump held the event, had a seating capacity of more than 18,000. The Tulsa Fire Department said total attendance was slightly more than 6,000 on Saturday.