This is your June 23, 2020, Daily Update. Follow the daily updates here.


As the world recorded 183,000 new coronavirus cases on Sunday, the US held 20% of these. The US holds only 4.3% of the world’s population. Yesterday the US surpassed all European nations combined in total confirmed cases.

Leaders and officials at state and local health departments across the country report a growing number of threats, anger, and abuse directed toward them from local community members.

Texas Governor Abbot said the number of confirmed cases and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 doubled in his state since last month. California’s governor said 36.5% of the state’s cases were reported in the last two weeks. Louisiana pushed back the next reopening phase planned for the state by four weeks.

In North Carolina, for the second day in a row, 10% of all its coronavirus tests returned positive results. The mayor of Houston reported 1,700 new cases on Monday. Activists in South Carolina said they planned to postpone current demonstrations as protesters began testing positive for the virus.

New reports suggest an odd mix of gatherings linked to a lot of the surge in new cases across the country. Bars, frat parties, and church meetings are locations where the coronavirus is spreading faster in the US since June 1.

Saudi Arabia said they would place significant limits on the number of Muslims from around the world allowed to make the pilgrimage to Mecca next month.

Civil Unrest – June 23, 2020, Daily Update

Seattle’s mayor changed course and says the police will retake the “autonomous zone.” The decision followed two shootings that occurred over the weekend within the autonomous zone.

In Washington DC, a clash between rioters and police resulted when protesters tried to topple a statue of Andrew Jackson outside the White House. Vandals hit St. John’s Church and claimed the area as Black House Autonomous Zone.

Violence in the city of Chicago over the weekend resulted in 12 deaths and 80 wounded. Police did not link to violence in Chicago to protests or riots but to “gangs, guns, and drugs.”

Godzilla Dust Cloud

A massive Sahara dust cloud moved across the Atlantic Ocean and over the Caribbean reducing visibility and air quality. Weather experts expect the dust cloud to continue moving toward the US. They named it the “Godzilla Dust Cloud” and said it is unlike anything seen in the last half-century.

Israel Annexation

Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli government say they plan to annex approximately 30% of the West Bank territory. Under the annexation plan, Palestinians living in the area would not receive Israeli citizenship, but they will be subject to Israeli law.


A suicide bomber hit the Turkish embassy in Somalia, killing two people. Al Shabab claimed responsibility for the attack.