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US Pandemic

Twenty-six states reported increases in average daily cases yesterday. It was the largest day of newly reported cases since April in the United States at more than 38,000. Seven states have now surpassed 100,000 confirmed cases each – New York, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, California, Illinois, and Massachusetts.

The intensive care units at Houston hospitals rose to 97% capacity. The city’s mayor said a quarter of all patients in the ICU tested positive for the virus.

According to a study from Johns Hopkins University, this is not only a story of more testing. The US is showing a higher percentage of positive cases, even as testing increases. That means the decline of social distancing is contributing directly to the rise in positive coronavirus cases in the US.

June 25, 2020, Daily Update
Experts are alarmed by the growth in positive cases in the US. The cause is not only more testing. The percentage of positive cases is increasing.

New York announced travelers arriving from specific states experiencing surges in new cases must quarantine for 14 days.

The number of infected people in US prisons doubled to more than 68,000 in the last month.

Global Pandemic – June 25, 2020, Daily Update

A new report shows that women make up only 27% of the confirmed coronavirus cases in Afghanistan. Experts believe the numbers are far higher in Afghanistan than what the official reports disclose so far. The disparity in the number of confirmed cases among women suggests they may not be seeking testing or treatment at the same rate as men. Similar gaps exist in Chad,  Somalia, Pakistan, and the Central African Republic.

The Pan American Health Organization said deaths by the virus in Latin America more than doubled in the last month. The region recorded a cumulative total of more than 100,000 coronavirus deaths this week.

Delhi surpassed Mumbai as the hardest-hit city in India, with more than 70,000 confirmed cases.


The International Monetary Fund (IMF) lowered its projections for global economic growth. The IMF forecasted a global economic contraction of nearly 5%. Unemployment around the world has skyrocketed.

In South Africa, unemployment grew from 1% to 30% over the pandemic. The nation’s economic policymakers expect the economy to shrink by more than 7% this year, the worst performance in nearly a century.

The convergence of the pandemic and falling oil prices triggered a new economic crisis in Iraq.

Peru has the seventh-highest total of coronavirus cases in the world, with more than 270,000 confirmed cases.  Due to the growing economic downturns and effects, the government continues to lift restrictions to save the nation’s economy.


Earlier this year, we did a podcast discussion on the locust plague in East Africa. The first wave already contributed to a massive food crisis in the region, but now experts warn a second generation of locusts is coming, and it is much worse.