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China and Hong Kong  

China passed a sweeping security law regarding Hong Kong that many believe will drastically alter Hong Kong’s freedoms and way of life. The new law criminalizes secession, subversion, and collusion with foreign forces. It also curtails protests and freedom of speech. Several democracy activist organizations quit in response to the legislation. Several others say they plan to march in protest on Wednesday, despite the threat and dangers which the new law poses to such activity. The proposal of the law was the cause of protests in Hong Kong since last May. As the world’s attention shifted to coronavirus, China moved forward.

Global Pandemic – June 30, 2020, Daily Update

Afghanistan’s healthcare system is becoming overrun by the pandemic. The country has one of the highest positivity rates in the world. Nearly half of all people tested for the coronavirus are found positive. Afghanistan currently has more than 31,000 confirmed cases.

China approved the use of a potential vaccine on its military for the next year. CanSino, the maker of the vaccine, declined to comment on whether the vaccine’s use among the military would be voluntary or mandatory.

US Pandemic– June 30, 2020, Daily Update 

California surpassed 200,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, placing the state’s total cases above all but 11 nations in the world today. In fact, seven US states (New York, California, New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts) could stand alone among the top 20 nations of the world with the highest confirmed case counts.

The states of Texas, Arizona, Nevada, South Carolina, Montana, Georgia, and California, said their seven-day rolling average in positive cases is now up 25% from last week.

A new report links more than 43% of current coronavirus deaths in the US to nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

Nearly one-third of the inmate population of California’s San Quentin prison tested positive for the virus.


Yesterday, President Trump saw two of his social media channels shut down. The social media site Twitch, owned by Amazon, shut down the president’s channel for “hateful conduct.” Reddit shut down the 800,000 member subreddit The_Donald, for the same reason.

Civil Unrest and Protests

The mayor of Seattle previously explained she would send in the police to dismantle the so-call autonomous zone in Capitol Hill. She announced that intent after two shootings took place there last week. Fears of renewed confrontation and violence between police and protesters in the city delayed those plans. Yesterday the fourth shooting in ten days occurred within the autonomous zone.


Iran issued an arrest warrant for President Trump for his role in the death of Qassam Soleimani earlier this year. The nation’s requested the help of Interpol in carrying out the arrest. Interpol rejected the request.


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