May 20, 2020, Daily Pandemic Update

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  • Global confirmed coronavirus cases – 5,004,104
  • Global coronavirus deaths – 325,238

Nations with the largest number of new cases in the last 24 hours:

  • USA – 20, 289
  • Brazil – 16,517
  • Russia – 9,263

In the US, New York is no longer the leader in daily new cases. California, Maryland, and Illinois all reported more new cases in the last day than New York did.

Colleges across the country are looking to reopen in the fall but shorten the semesters to reduce the risks of a second wave. Also being considered are dorms set aside specifically for quarantined and face mask requirements on campus. In the UK, Cambridge University announced classes would be virtual until the summer of 2021.

Many churches began meeting together in person as soon as the government allowed in the last month. Many of them are now reclosing and canceling their services as a resurgence of new cases has begun spreading among those same churches.

The White House announced an indefinite extension of travel restrictions at the US land borders. Brazil recorded its highest death toll in a single day yesterday (nearly 1,200), and President Trump is considering a ban on Brazilians traveling to the US. Canada extended the closure of its border with the US for another 30 days.

The Vice President of South Sudan tested positive for the virus. New cases are doubling in his nation every five days.

In India and Bangladesh, a massive cyclone threatens to upend these nations’ efforts to fight the pandemic.

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