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The governor of Oregon told the state’s residents to brace for death counts. She added the current wildfires might be the worst wildfire disaster in the state’s history. California’s leaders said their state is also facing the worst wildfires in the state’s history. Thousands of residents throughout the American west have evacuated their homes and communities even as whole towns disappeared in flames in recent days.

Global Pandemic – September 10, 2020, Daily Update

The worldwide death toll from the pandemic has now passed 900,000.

Authorities in Jakarta, Indonesia, said they would reimpose a partial lockdown on the city as hospitals filled with coronavirus patients.

India has reported more than 80,000 new cases a day, 7 out of the last eight days.

US Pandemic

Arizona reported its lowest number of new cases since March. The following states each reported more than 1,000 new cases in the last 24 hours.

State New Cases in the Last 24 Hours
Texas 5,271
California 3,096
Florida 2,056
Georgia 1,937
Louisiana 1,522
Illinois 1,337
Ohio 1,048
Missouri 1,046


Coronavirus Science and Vaccine

A new study released this week shows the coronavirus attacks not only the lungs but also the kidney, the liver, and for nearly half of the patients studied, also the brain. Neurological symptoms brought on by the virus included headaches, confusion, and delirium.

After AstraZeneca announced the halting of phase 3 testing for their potential vaccine due to possible side effects, Anthony Fauci explained this was a very normal and frequent part of the vaccine development process. More details emerged in the last 24 hours regarding the vaccine’s possible side effects, which included neurological symptoms. The vaccine maker team is now researching to learn if the observed symptoms came from the tested vaccine.

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