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Police Resignations

As Black Lives Matter and other groups continue to protest against police violence and injustice, a new phase of this 2020 reality appears to be unfolding. Across the country, police chiefs and the command structures of the police departments are resigning. Rochester, New York, is the most noted city where this occurred in the last week, but the trend has also taken shape in other major cities across the country. Experts warn this move could leave law enforcement agencies vulnerable and disorganized. If unrest results after the election in November, this situation could be the next crisis in the making. 

US Pandemic

 Coronavirus hospitalizations and deaths dropped again this week across the country. Official reports say 5,110 people died of the virus this week in the US.

Three teachers have died from the coronavirus across three different states since school resumed. Experts warn unless a cohesive plan to protect school staff is implemented within the system, these numbers will rise.

The US has reported 88,000 coronavirus cases on college campuses since the pandemic began.

North Carolina, Idaho, and Nebraska set single day new case records this week. 


In Oregon, half a million residents, 10% of the state’s population, have evacuated due to wildfires.

Global Pandemic

The global death total form the coronavirus has passed 900,000. At the current rate of growth in this number, the world will hit 1 million coronavirus deaths by the end of September.

Israel’s battle with the pandemic has continued to escalate. The government canceled recent lockdown measures after the Orthodox community voiced concern the efforts targeted them. Today the country is considering a return to full national lockdown. Last week Israel had the highest per capita growth in new coronavirus cases in the world. The health ministry reported nearly 4,000 new cases on Wednesday.

India’s daily total of new cases on Thursday edged near 100,00 for a single day. The country stands at more than 4.5 million total confirmed cases.

Myanmar has locked down half of its largest city and reimposed travel restrictions between regions of the country.

France set a new daily record with nearly 10,000 new cases on Thursday.

New cases are surging in Austria at rates not seen since March. 

Pandemic Famines

The United Nations has warned that the first famines of the pandemic are beginning. In Yemen, South Sudan, Northeastern Nigeria, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the situation is about to reach a new level of crisis. While the pandemic is not the only crisis contributing to these famines, the convergence of crises is taking things from bad to much, much worse, and placing millions of lives at risk.

India and China

Foreign ministers from India and China met Thursday and agreed to “quickly disengage” from the tense standoff at the border between the two countries.

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