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International Criminal Court

The US issued sanctions against senior officials of the International Criminal Court (ICC) after they pursued an investigation of alleged US soldiers’ war crimes in Afghanistan. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the ICC has no jurisdiction to investigate US soldiers as the US is not a member of the ICC.

Global Pandemic – September 3, 2020, Daily Update

India reported more than 83,000 newly confirmed cases on Wednesday – a new world record.

Italy’s former Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, tested positive for the virus.

Hungary reported 350 new cases on Wednesday, a new record for the nation.

The Czech Republic reported 650 new cases on Thursday, a new single-day record for the nation.

A report into the use of South Africa’s coronavirus relief funds suggests “frightening findings” of corruption.

Thailand has gone 100 days without a case of local transmission.

US Pandemic

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has advised states to prepare for a coronavirus vaccine distribution plan by early November.

The University of South Carolina said 1,000 of its students now had the virus.

US and Ethiopia

The US government said they would cut $100 million in aid to Ethiopia after the nation began filling a controversial dam on the Nile River before reaching agreements with Egypt and Sudan.

US Protests

Protesters in US cities demonstrated increasing levels of boldness in recent weeks, approaching and occupying the homes of some mayors of the cities where the protests occur. The mayors of Portland and St. Louis each stated they planned to relocate after protesters occupied approached their homes.


A survivor says strong winds from the Maysak typhoon resulted in the sinking of a ship off the coast of Japan. The vessel was carrying 6,000 cattle and 43 crew members.


A new report from Amnesty International has accused Iran of widespread human rights abuses, including rape, torture, and kidnapping. The surge in human rights abuses occurred after the protests of November 2019.

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