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Global Pandemic – September 8, 2020, Daily Update

India overtook Brazil for the #2 spot in total confirmed coronavirus cases in the world on Monday. The rate of new cases suggests India may soon also overtake the US for the #1 spot. India had more than 90,000 new cases on Sunday alone – three times the US total on that same day.

September 8, 2020, Daily Update

Officials in Melbourne, Australia said the lockdown there would continue for another two weeks.

Thousands of trainee doctors returned to work in South Korea, ending a two-week strike.

Denmark’s government said a rise in new cases has resulted in the limitations on public gatherings reduced from 100 people to 50 in Copenhagen and other cities.

Israel’s government said the country would institute new lockdowns to combat a recent surge in coronavirus cases.

Spain surpassed half a million coronavirus cases.

US Pandemic

As the summer months draw to a close the US total confirmed cases more than quadrupled in the summer months. Total US deaths nearly doubled in that same time period.

A pastor in California claimed more than 12,000 attended his protest service and prayer rally at the state’s capital on Sunday.

El Salvador

A new report out of El Salvador revealed the government has held secret discussions with the leadership of the infamous gang MS13 since June 2019. While the government continues to deny they negotiated with MS13 the report suggests these discussions are a secretive effort to reduce violence in the country.

Louisville, Kentucky

Groups of armed activists clashed in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday. Local residents feared gunfire would break out before police in riot gear managed to finally separate the activists.


A terrorist attack in the coastal town of Sousse, Tunisia resulted in the death of a police officer, another police officer wounded, and three terror suspects killed.

India and China

The border dispute between Indian and China has heated up again as China accused India of firing “provocative shots” at Chinese soldiers. India has denied the allegation. This latest episode is part of the ongoing deterioration of efforts to contain the conflict between India and China in the contested Ladakh region in recent months.


A bombing in southern Somalia resulted in the deaths of three Somali security officers and the wounding of two more, along with an American service member.


The government of Japan ordered the evacuation of more than a million residents in the western part of the country over the weekend. The approach of Typhoon Haishen left nearly half a million residents without power.

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