This Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19) timeline will track the spread of the virus and major news developments while the threat persists.

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February 27

  • Confirmed COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus cases 82,585
  • Deaths from  COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus 2,814
  • There are now confirmed cases in 47 countries.
  • South Korea cases swelled to 1,766. Italy to 528. Iran 245.
  • The US and Germany now have suspected cases that did not result from people traveling but local transmission.
  • Japan’s Prime Minister asked schools to close through spring break (April).

February 26

  • Confirmed COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus cases 81,264
  • Deaths from  COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus 2,770
  • Europe has new cases in Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Spain and Switzerland.
  • France reported its first COVID-19 death.
  • Japan reports its first COVID-19 death.
  • A US soldier in South Korea is confirmed to have the coronavirus.
  • South Korea infections reached 1,261.
  • COVID-19 death toll in Italy rose to 12.

February 25

  • Confirmed COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus cases 80,348. New cases in China are slowing while they begin to rise in other parts of the world.
  • Deaths from  COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus 2,707
  • South Korea now has 977 confirmed cases, 11 deaths
  • Iran 95 confirmed cases, 15 deaths. Iran’s deputy health minister tested positive for the virus. Iraqi lawmakers are demanding their border with Iran be closed adding a new element to an already tense situation between the two countries.
  • Italy 287 confirmed cases, 7 deaths
  • US CDC warns of the disruption of everyday life in America is coming.

February 24

  • Confirmed COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus cases 79,731
  • Deaths from  COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus 2,627
  • China – Six provinces lowered their emergency warnings so that businesses could reopen, even while the National People Congress, the largest event on China’s political calendar, was postponed.
  • South Korea – 833 confirmed cases, 7 deaths
  • Italy – More than 200 confirmed cases, 3 deaths
  • Iran – 43 confirmed cases, 8 deaths
  • Turkey and Pakistan closed their borders to Iran.
  • Afghanistan, Kuwait, Bahrain now have confirmed cases.
  • Global financial markets sink on fears of a global pandemic.

February 23

  • Confirmed COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus cases 78,966
  • Deaths from  COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus 2,468
  • There are now 602 confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Korea. South Korea’s fourth-largest city declared a state of emergency.
  • Italy now has 132 confirmed cases.
  • Iran confirmed 7th death from the Wuhan Coronavirus.

February 22

  • Confirmed COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus cases 77,990
  • Deaths from  COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus 2,363
  • Iran reported its sixth death from the coronavirus
  • The total cases in South Korea more than doubled in the last 24 hours. The total confirmed cases in South Korea are now 433.
  • Scientists and doctors are beginning to believe the incubation period for the virus may be more than 14 days which has been the common belief for the last month.
  • Italy now has 53 confirmed cases.

February 21

  • Confirmed COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus cases 76,819. After several days of decline, confirmed cases in China began to rise again today. There were 220 new cases inside prisons.
  • Deaths from the COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus to date – 2,250
  • South Korea sees a jump in new cases, mostly linked to a church that is known as a cult. Cases of the Wuhan Coronavirus tripled in the last few days to 156.
  • The cruise ship Diamond Princess has 621 confirmed cases. Israel confirmed its first case of the coronavirus, a passenger on the cruise ship.
  • Italy its first three cases of local transmissions of COVID-19.

February 20, 2020

  • Confirmed COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus cases 75,776.
  • Deaths from the COVID-19 / Wuhan Coronavirus to date – 2,130.
  • 2 deaths reported on the Japanese cruise ship.
  • The confirmed reported cases in Iran have died.
  • At the recent fed meeting, the virus was discussed as a serious threat to the global economy.
  • The number of confirmed cases in South Korea rose by two thirds to 82.

February 19, 2020

  • Total deaths – 2,012. The latest data released from China suggests the Wuhan coronavirus could be 20 times more lethal than the flu.
  • Total confirmed cases – 75,317
  • American passengers on the quarantined Japanese cruise ship are on their way back to the US. The Japanese government reports the number of confirmed cases aboard the cruise ship has grown to 355.
  • Hong Kong reported its second death from the virus.
  • Iran has its first two confirmed cases of the COVID-19, also known as the Wuhan Coronavirus. Middle Eastern countries that have confirmed COVID-19 cases now include: Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and Iran – with a total of 12 confirmed cases among them.

February 16

  • Total confirmed cases of the Wuhan Coronavirus – 69,289
  • Total deaths – 1,671
  • In Beijing, all residents returning to the city are required to stay home or submit to group observation for 14 days. The Chinese government warned that those who refuse this directive will be held accountable under the law.
  • Taiwan reported its first death to COVID-19.

February 15

  • Total confirmed cases – 67,191
  • Total deaths – 1,527
  • French patient with COVID-19 died. This is the first death from the virus outside of Asia.
  • The US plans to evacuate its citizens from the Japanese cruise ship.


COVID-19 confirmed cases
On January 1, 2020 there were 41 reported cases in China.
COVID-19 deahts
The first symptoms were reported December 12, 2019.

February 14

  • Total confirmed cases – 64,471
  • Total deaths – 1,384
  • China reports more than 1,700 health workers contracted the virus. Six of them died.
  • Multiple counties in Hubei province enacted wartime measures that forbid people from leaving their homes.
  • Singapore’s government warned of a possible recession as the effects of the virus are pounding the countries economy. Singapore’s archdiocese canceled public masses due to coronavirus fears.
  • Egypt reported that a foreign national tested positive for COVID-19 within Egypt.

February 13

  • The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in China surged overnight as authorities changed the diagnostic criteria. There are now 59,805 confirmed cases in China.
  • Similarly, a new record of new deaths by COVID-19 occurred. In China, there are now 1,367 confirmed deaths.
  • Japan announced its first death from COVID-19. This is the second death to the virus outside of China.
  • Meanwhile, the number of confirmed cases on the Japanese cruise ship Diamond Princess climbed to 218.
  • South Korea quarantined hundreds of soldiers with links to China.
  • Singapore confirmed 8 new cases bringing their total of COVID-19 cases to 58.

February 12

  • The Wuhan virus total death count reached 1,113.
  • Total reported cases climbed to 44,653.
  • The number of new cases outside the Hubei province fell for the 8th day in a row, suggesting we may be nearing the peak of the outbreak.
  • There are 393 cases outside of China in 24 countries.
  • The total of confirmed infected cases on the Japanese cruise ship jumped to 175.

February 11

  • The World Health Organization gives the virus its official name – COVID-19. It is an acronym that stands for coronavirus 2019.

February 10

  • Death total – 908
  • Confirmed cases reported – 40,171
  • The number of infected cases in Britain doubled from four to eight.
  • Many medical professionals believe the death counts and reported cases are underreported due to the severe strain currently being experienced by the testing facilities in China.
  • The World Health Organization says its offers for assistance have been ignored by the Chinese government until today.
  • The number of infected people on the Japanese cruise ship grew to 136.

February 9

  • Death total – 811
  • Confirmed cases reported – 37,198

February 8

  • The death toll rose to 803. This includes an American who died in Wuhan.
  • All but one of these deaths have been in China.
  • In the 2003 SARS epidemic, 774 people died in more than two dozen countries.
  • The confirmed case count in China is 34,800.
  • The virus is now present in two dozen other countries and includes 288 confirmed cases outside of China.

February 7

  • The death toll and confirmed case count spiked in China during the last 24 hours.
  • Total deaths in China from the coronavirus are now at 636.
  • Total confirmed cases are at 31,161
  • The Chinese doctor who originally sounded the alarm about this virus less than two months ago has died.
  • A Japanese cruise ship is in quarantine and 61 passengers have tested positive for the virus.
  • Chinese researchers identified the pangolin as a possible link to the spread of the virus.

February 6

  • The death toll in China crossed the 500 mark and is now up to 563.
  • 28,018 Confirmed cases in China.
  • There are now 12 confirmed cases in the US.

February 5

February 4

  • 490 deaths; 24,324 confirmed cases
  • The first death reported in Hong Kong.
  • In Hong Kong, 2,500 medical workers went on strike to demand the border with China be closed.
  • Hyundai suspended the production of its cars at South Korea car factories.

February 3

  • There are now 17,488 confirmed cases. There are 11 confirmed cases in the US.
  • In China, there have been 361 deaths.

February 2

  • A man from Wuhan China died in the Philippines, becoming the first person to die from the Wuhan Coronavirus outside of China.
  • The death toll in China rose to 304.
  • The total confirmed cases globally are 14,380.
  • Doctors now say the virus can spread by fecal matter as well as droplets from the mouth and nose.
  • Countries with confirmed cases: Australia, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the United States, South Korea, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Britain, Vietnam, Italy, India, the Philippines, Nepal, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Finland, Sweden, and Spain.
  • The US has eight confirmed cases.

February 1

  • The death toll in China rose to 259.
  • The global total of confirmed cases rose to 12,000. Most of these are in China with 100 cases confirmed in 21 other countries.
  • Americans returning home who have been to China’s Hubei province will face a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

2019-nCoV wuhan virus timeline

January 31

  • The death toll in China has risen to 213.
  • The total confirmed cases have risen to 9,800.
  • Singapore and Mongolia both announce they are closing their borders with China due to the spreading virus.
  • Confirmed cases in the following countries now: Thailand, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, Malaysia, Macau, France, the United States, South Korea, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Britain, Vietnam, Italy, India, the Philippines, Nepal, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Finland.
  • US takes the unprecedented step of barring entry to all foreign nationals who recently traveled to China.
  • Major US airlines announced they were suspending flights to China. The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbles 600 points.

January 30

  • The death toll in China is up to 170.
  • There are now 7,834 confirmed cases in China.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak a global health emergency. This was a significant step that the WHO declined to take eight days ago.
  • There are three confirmed cases in Japan.
  • Russia is considering closing its 2,600-mile border with China.

January 29

  • In China, the death count rose to 132 people, a 25% increase over yesterday.
  • The total confirmed cases in China are now at 6,078. This number now surpasses the number of Chinese infected by SARS nearly two decades ago (although not the global number of SARS infection).
  • A new twist in the spread of the virus as people who never visited China have now been infected in Germany, Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam.
  • America evacuated its citizens from Wuhan.
  • United Arab Emirates reported four cases within its own borders.
  • The CEO of a leading pharmaceutical company said it will take a year to find a cure for the Wuhan Coronavirus.
  • British Airways canceled all flights in and out of China due to fears of an outbreak.

January 28

  • The death toll from the Wuhan coronavirus surged in the last 24 hours. Today a total of 106 people have died in China.
  • The total confirmed cases in China also boomed overnight. There are now 4,515 confirmed cases in China.
  • Around the world the number of countries with confirmed Wuhan Virus cases is growing as well:
    • Thailand 14 cases of infection
    • Hong Kong 8
    • United States, Taiwan, Australia and Macau have 5 each
    • Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia each have reported 4
    • France has three; Canada and Vietnam have 2
    • Nepal, Cambodia and Germany each have 1

Check out the map at this web site that tracks the spread and growth of the Wuhan coronavirus globally.

January 27

  • The confirmed Wuhan virus case count in China now stands at 2,744.
  • Thailand and Hong Kong have each reported eight cases of infection; the United States, Taiwan, Australia, and Macau have five each; Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia each have reported four; France has three; Vietnam has two, and Nepal has one.
  • 110 People in the US are being evaluated for the virus.
  • Stock markets around the world turned sour on Monday morning as investors grew concerned about the spread of the Wuhan Virus.

January 26

  • The death count has risen to 80. The total confirmed Wuhan Virus count across China is now at 1,975. The mayor of Wuhan said the count could rise by another 1,000 very quickly as many of those being observed are anticipated to be confirmed cases. The youngest confirmed case for the virus is with a 9-month-old girl in Wuhan.
  • No deaths from the virus outside of China.
  • A third infection has been confirmed in the US at the beginning of the day. The person is in California and appears to be doing well according to doctors. By the end of the day, there are now five confirmed cases in the US.
  • China has banned the sale of wildlife nationwide.
  • One of the leading doctors fighting the virus in China said they believe the incubation period is 10-14 days and carriers are contagious during that time.
  • The leader of Hong Kong declared a health emergency, informing the public that schools would be closed until February.

January 25

  • More than 1,370 confirmed cases of infection in China. The death count has risen to 41. More than 8,400 people are under observation.
  • Among the dead is now a young man, previously healthy. This counters the trend of mostly unhealthy and elderly who made up the death count before this time. It might also mean a change in the nature of the virus.
  • Australia confirmed its first case of coronavirus.

January 24

January 23

January 22

  • The first case of Wuhan virus was reported in Hong Kong. The World Health Organization determined a Global Public Health Emergency will not be declared as more information is needed. They will meet again in the coming days as more information becomes available.

January 21

  • 291 cases reported across China. The spread of the Wuhan virus was confirmed in other major Chinese cities including Beijing and Shanghai. The Wuhan Municipal Health Commission reported at least 15 health workers in Wuhan were infected. At least one of these health workers was in critical condition.
  • The first case of Wuhan virus was reported in the US.
  • Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, and Taiwan also now have confirmed cases.

January 20

  • A giant leap in confirmed cases takes place in the third weekend of January. Six people have died and 290 people are reported infected with the virus.
  • It is confirmed the virus can pass from person to person.
  • Thailand confirmed four cases of Wuhan virus.
  • We posted this Wuhan Virus fact sheet on January 18.

January 15

  • China reports the second death from what is beginning to be called the “Wuhan Virus.”

January 13

January 11

  • The first death from the mystery virus is reported in Wuhan. Seven other people are in critical condition. Forty-one people have been diagnosed with the virus.

December 31

  • Chinese authorities first reported the emergence of a new respiratory illness with pneumonia-like symptoms in the city of Wuhan.

December 12

  • The first patient with symptoms is reported in Wuhan, China