Holding It Together

That stressed out and anxious feeling you have when you look at the world...it's a global reality. It's also a sign of dangerous times ahead.

Ep. 171 – History of Terrorism Part 4: The Reign of Terror

In this latest episode in our History of Terrorism podcast series we look at "The Reign of Terror" in the French Revolution. This event set the stage for future terrorists like Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong who used purist ideology and the powers of the state to reign down unprecedented horrors on their people.

Egypt.- Still Watching?

Last month I posted a short overview noting how we need to keep our eyes on Egypt. (See the original post here.) In the...

The Last Days Part 2: People Will Be Lovers of Themselves

This is part of an ongoing weekly series entitled “The Last Days” where we are examining 2 Timothy 3:1-5. To read the other parts in this series please click on the FAITH section in the menu above. Today we look at the warning "people will be lovers of themselves."  ...

Ep. 195 – History of Terrorism: Irish Terrorism

My podcast series on the History of Terrorism continues with the story of Irish Terrorism. This episode looks at the origins of the conflict between the Irish and the British and moves through the 19th century and all the way to Michael Collins and the Irish Free State.

Ep. 140 – History of the Religious Right Part 3: Christian America Undone the Turbulent 60s and 70s

The idea of a Christian America began falling apart in the 1960s. The social turbulence of this time period actually worked to solidify the religious right as a movement and political force beyond anti-Communism. This episode is about the undoing of America and the coming together of the Christian right.

Understanding the Conflict in South Sudan – Timeline and Fact Sheet

The following is a brief overview for understanding the conflict in South Sudan. Scroll down for a look at the South Sudan conflict timeline...


Critical Issues and Trends – Africa – Ebola Virus a Global Health Crisis, Cure Found

The Ebola outbreak in Congo is the second largest in history. New unrest and violence in the region of the outbreak is raising fears of it growing worse.

Alienated America – An Excellent Summer Read!!

Alienated America by Timothy Carney is one of my favorite books of 2019.

Children of ISIS – Critical Issues & Trends – Humanitarian

In the aftermath of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the world has a growing humanitarian concern in what is known as the children of ISIS.


This Boko Haram Fact sheet is part of my wider in depth look at this terrorist group. You can learn more about Boko Haram with full fact sheets, timelines, backgrounders and history here. Boko Haram Fact Sheet Boko Haram is a violent Islamic fundamentalist group based in north eastern Nigeria. Their reign...


Chinese Coronavirus – Finding Truth in the Face of a Crisis

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, influenza resulted in 12,000 to 61,000 deaths annually since 2010 in the United States alone....

Ep 222: Understanding the Libyan Civil War

Since 2011 Libya has been torn apart by civil war. Today the Libyan Civil War is approaching a dangerous threshold of breaking out into...

Ep 221: Idlib – Last Battle of the Syrian Civil War?

The story of the Syrian Civil War has been a story of ongoing crises and humanitarian catastrophes. Today the greatest of all these tragedies...

2019-nCoV – China’s Mystery Illness Spreads

You may have recently heard or read about a new virus that is causing a stir in the media. We wanted to give you...

Ep 220: Outrage and Fear in India

On December 4, 2019, the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) was presented to India's parliament. It passed seven days later and was met with immediate...

How the EU Is Outsourcing Violence and Inhumanity

In the middle of the last decade, the European Union had a problem. Masses of migrants were moving across the Mediterranean Sea toward European...