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New York’s Economy

New York was among the first states to confront the coronavirus in the US. No other state has suffered as many COVID19 deaths as New York did. Now the state economy is facing an economic disaster. As many as 22,000 municipal workers face notice of layoffs as early as today. Sixty thousand small businesses are in danger of going out of business. The state has an $8 billion revenue gap. (Readers should watch New York for signs of what lies ahead for much of the nation’s economy.)

Global Pandemic – August 31, 2020, Daily Update

India set a new record for the most single-day reported cases in the world on Sunday at more than 78,000. India’s national coronavirus numbers are now the fastest of any nation on the planet.

Many of Europe’s countries that believed they were past the worst of the pandemic are now weighing whether to reinstitute lockdowns as new case counts continued to rise this weekend. A protest against lockdown moves in Berlin on Saturday included thousands of German protesters. Police brought the demonstration to an end after noting the protesters did not abide by social distancing rules.

US Pandemic – August 31, 2020, Daily Update

The Food and Drug Administration has authorized an easier and faster coronavirus test. Experts believe the new test will revolutionize the country’s fight against the pandemic.

California became the first state to surpass 700,000 known COVID19 cases.

A laboratory in the US confirmed its first documented case of a person reinfected with the virus.

The University of Alabama has reported more than 1,000 new coronavirus cases since classes resumed August 19. Across the country, college administrators say they are concerned about growing clusters of new cases among the fraternity and sororities on campus.

Polio Outbreak

Pakistan and Afghanistan are experiencing a polio outbreak after vaccine efforts in the country were suspended in March out of concern that health care workers could spread the coronavirus.


The United Nations noted a dramatic turn of events in the Libyan Civil War on Saturday. Violence broke out between government forces and anti-corruption protesters.


Flooding in Niger has killed 45 people and displaced nearly a quarter-million people.

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