After the US assassination of Qassem Soleimani in January, we released a podcast explaining how Iran’s response probably would not be conventional. Iran was far more likely to strike back via a cyber attack. In fact, the US and Iran have been waging cyber strikes and counter strikes against one another for more than a decade. Tyrel Dennison and Irwin Williams join JB Shreve today to discuss the threat of a cyber-attack.

Threat of a Cyber-Attack

From Iran to Russia cyber warfare is among the top security concerns in geopolitics today but the threats go beyond this as well. The recent Saudi hack of Jeff Bezos’s (Amazon CEO) phone demonstrated both the vulnerability we are all susceptible too and also the rising sophistication of hackers. In 2019 multiple state and city governments throughout the US found parts of their infrastructure and computerized management systems hacked and held hostage by criminal cyber-attacks. This occurred from Baltimore to Texas to Arkansas.

We have entered a new world of threats and vulnerabilities. It is important to recognize our personal role in those vulnerabilities and understand what we can do to be more secure against the threat of a cyber-attack.

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