JB Shreve is joined by Jonathan Webster and Ben Lagrone to assess the US Presidential candidates – at least those who remain prior to Super Tuesday – and the 2020 US elections.

  • We look at the Democratic debate in Nevada
  • The missteps of Michael Bloomberg
  • Division within the Democratic party
  • The incompetence of the Democratic party that made Donald Trump appear dominant
  • Possible scenarios for the next few months of the campaign season

2020 US elections

This is a light-hearted overview of the 2020 US elections and campaign season that will set the stage for the next few episodes on this topic.

This is part 1 of a 4 part series we will be releasing here at the End of History between now and Super Tuesday (March 3, 2020). 

Is everyone ready for a whole lot of crazy? US national elections have become a routine event every four years that increasingly features characteristics of losing friends, avoiding family members, growing mentally and emotionally fatigued by all the division and outrage…and of course electing a President. We reached new levels of this craziness in 2016 and many argue we never fully recovered. This year, 2020, we can anticipate those levels of division, outrage, and chaos to reach new heights.

2020 US elections

Our aim at the End of History is, as always, to avoid choosing a political side. That’s not the point and that’s not our purpose. Because we anticipate 2020 to be much more divisive and chaotic than 2016 we are opting for a specific approach to the 2020 US national elections here at the End of History. Our approach is to help you find a reasonable, principled position from which you can approach the 2020 US elections.

We all have different perspectives, different understandings of what is politically important, and different reasons that support our beliefs. While you can find many podcasts and resources that will show you how to vote and who to vote for, our focus here at the End of History is to help you maintain sanity in the midst of the political storms that are coming. We want to remind you that among the many important things being discussed during the campaign and election of 2020, your sanity and priority for principles over politics should be maintained. In a sense, we want to provide you – our End of History listeners – with a safe haven in the midst of the political storms of 2020.

2020 US elections

In the coming days, we will release podcast interviews with Christians from different walks of life and political perspectives. We will explore what shaped their beliefs and how they are approaching the 2020 US elections and keeping their faith intact. We don’t have to always agree. That is one of the benefits of democracy. But as people of faith, we should be able to speak and focus on the higher and more important things even in the midst of the political fray.

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