Thinking About Impeachment Is Getting Normalized

impeach trump
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Last week’s podcast episode “The Impeachment of Donald Trump Is Coming – But That’s Only the Beginning” got some good play around the web. It also coincided with some more moves on that front.

This article from Newsweek this afternoon noted how a bill to impeach the President gained some traction after last week’s tweets. The basis for impeachment would be that he is considered mentally unfit in this case.

Then yesterday throughout the country there were various marches organized around the theme of impeaching the president. If you watch the video from the Washington Post you will note that those marching are those opposed to a Republican President no matter what he does. Those marches won’t make the difference.

What both of these show however is that there is an increasing trend to normalize the idea of impeaching the President. As I said in the podcast – We are only 6 months into his first term.

This is coming whether people are ready for it or not. The podcast was meant to help people brace themselves for what is ahead. The ones who will be the most surprised and most bothered by what is ahead are those who are not paying attention because they have decided to be blinded by political rhetoric and coding rather than look to the facts unfolding.

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