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US Pandemic – July 27, 2020, Daily Update

Across the country, eighteen states set single-day records in the last week. Thirteen states saw new highs on their seven-day average of confirmed coronavirus cases, including Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Louisiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

On Friday, the US coronavirus death count was higher than 1,100 for the fourth day in a row. Nevada, Texas, and South Carolina set new records for seven-day averages of deaths. Mississippi and North Carolina tied their records.

New York now ranks third for most coronavirus cases behind the totals in California and Florida over the weekend. Texas will pass New York’s total by the end of the week. 

Global Pandemic

The global total of confirmed cases surpassed 16 million over the weekend.

North Korea announced its first official coronavirus cases over the weekend.

South Korea reported its most significant surge of new cases since March.

China plans to test 6 million citizens in Dalian after a new cluster of cases emerged.

Vietnam reported its first locally transmitted case in more than 100 days.

Europe is raising alarms of a potential second wave on the continent originating in Spain. 

Civil Unrest

As mentioned in last week’s Intelligence Brief, the President’s move against protesters in Portland has inflamed protests across the country. Demonstrations from Seattle, to Los Angeles, to New York, over the weekend frequently included violent clashes with police. In Austin, one protester killed by gunshots in the protests, although it is not clear who shot him yet.


Protests in eastern Russia continued for the third week in a row. Tens of thousands gathered in a rare public opposition to Vladimir Putin.

South Sudan

The United Nations said renewed violence in South Sudan has resulted in 60 deaths.

G7 and Russia  

Russia was expelled from the G8 (making it the G7) in 2014 after it annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region. A new report out of Germany revealed that President Trump urged the G7 to readmit Russia in the last month. Germany rejected President Trump’s request.


ISIS has encouraged its followers to catch the coronavirus, then spread it across India with a mission to “annihilate the disbelievers.”

Potential Conflict in India  

Prime Minister Narendra Modi plans to lay a foundation stone at a highly controversial shrine on August 5. Hindus and Muslims claim a sacred right and responsibility of the site. It has also served as the location for previous violence in past decades.


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