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US Pandemic – July 6, 2020, Daily Update

The US total coronavirus case count will cross 3 million today. Meanwhile, the surge in new cases hits two weeks this week. To date, the death count of this current surge in the US has remained low. Most previous COVID19 waves had a lag of approximately two weeks between newly confirmed cases and a rise in death counts. This week we will learn if this trend is holding in America’s second surge or not.

Florida and Texas both passed 200,000 confirmed cases over the weekend.

There is growing concern that the coronavirus is now airborne. Many experts say the evidence has pointed to this for the last couple of months with the boom in new positive rates. Experts are not in agreement on this point, including the World Health Organization (WHO). If this proves true, it will drastically change how we fight the coronavirus.

The seven day average for new cases in the US reached a record high for the 27th straight day on Sunday. South Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and California reported new records of coronavirus hospitalizations.

In Florida, four Tampa Bay hospitals officially ran out of ICU beds on Sunday.

A new project from Kaiser Health and the Guardian has documented over 700 healthcare workers who died from the coronavirus in the US.

The University of Washington reported 121 positive cases over the weekend. Ninety percent of these new cases came from 12 frat houses.

Global Pandemic

The world reached 11 million confirmed coronavirus cases on Friday. Three days later, we are almost to 12 million.

China warned that America’s poor handling of the coronavirus is posing a threat to the rest of the world.

Government leaders of towns in Mexico that share a border with the US are seeking more significant restrictions to stop Americans from crossing into America. As Arizona, Texas, and California face record-setting new coronavirus numbers, Mexican border towns fear for the safety of their populations.

A new wave of cases in Iran resulted in the government initiating a mandatory facemask order.


A suicide bomber struck outside the airport in Mogadishu, Somalia, over the weekend. Later a bombing at a restaurant in the southern part of the country killed six people.

In Nigeria, jihadists fired on a UN aid helicopter, killing two civilians.


Multiple explosions in strategic locations across Iran in the last week raised suspicions. Iran first said the explosions resulted from problems with gas lines. On Sunday, Iran admitted at least one of the explosions significantly damaged their uranium enrichment efforts. Experts suspect Israel and the United States behind these explosions.

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