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The brother of Floyd George spoke before the United Nations Human Rights Council on Wednesday. He asked the United Nations to investigate the killing of black people by police in the United States. The testimony represented a historic appeal before the international body where the US usually points out the human rights violations of other nations – not its own.

US Pandemic – June 18, 2020, Daily Update

New modeling from Policy Lab shows Florida on track to becoming the new epicenter for the US experience with the coronavirus pandemic.

Oklahoma is now among the states reporting record new daily case counts. The past two days included the highest new coronavirus case counts in Oklahoma since the pandemic began. This adds to the growing concern of President Trump’s rally planned for Tulsa this weekend. More than 18,000 supporters will converge without social distancing to cheer the President and, some fear spread the virus.

Many states and local governments are implementing mandatory face mask requirements in places where the virus is spreading fastest now. These requirements are often counter to the previous position of local and state leaders. More significantly, local governments implemented these new rules even while the federal government and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) remained relatively quiet on the matter.

Global PandemicJune 18, 2020, Daily Update

In Chile, the pandemic has now infected more than 1 in 100 people. Chile has more than 220,000 confirmed cases and is now in the top 10 for more reported cases in the world.

Twenty-two nations around the globe reported more than 1,000 new coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours.

Russia remains in the top three nations for the most confirmed cases in the world. However, experts believe the country is still mainly underreporting the total coronavirus deaths in the country.


Total Confirmed Cases

Total Deaths

Deaths Per Million


2,234,471 119,941 362


960,309 46,665 221


553,301 7,478 51


A report out of the New York Times says China is collecting blood samples from young men throughout China. The country plans to build a genetic map for 700 million Chinese men. This effort represents a level of surveillance unprecedented in human history.

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