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Vaccine Trials Paused

AstraZeneca is among the leading contenders for a coronavirus vaccine. Its vaccine effort was in the final phase of human testing. This included large global testing that included tens of thousands of subjects. On Tuesday, AstraZeneca said the company would halt the testing after identifying a serious and adverse reaction in a test participant. The company did not specify the nature of the adverse reaction.

Rochester, New York

The Rochester, New York chief of police issued his letter of resignation in the face of growing protests and controversy over his department’s response to the death of Daniel Prude. Included in the resignation of the police chief is the resignation or demotion of the police department’s command structure in the city.

Global Pandemic – September 9, 2020, Daily Update

Experts warned the global total of coronavirus deaths could triple before the end of the year and reach a total of more than 1.9 million

Britain has reported a climb in new cases, at nearly 3,000 new cases a day since the weekend. The recent outbreak is occurring among young people ages 17-21. The government said they would limit public gathering to six people.

Israel has stepped back from its plans for a national lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus after the Orthodox community said the plan unfairly stigmatized them.

US Pandemic

Experts anticipate a surge in US coronavirus cases and deaths in the fall months, probably near the time of the US elections is increasingly likely. Even while they forecasted a global surge in coronavirus deaths, the US could see the total deaths from the pandemic climb above 400,000.

New York’s infection rate has maintained below 1% for more than a month, a significant milestone in containing the virus.

Spies and Vaccines

Intelligence agencies and spy networks across the world are disrupting the efforts to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus. In recent months multiple spy networks from Russia to China reportedly sought to infiltrate US and European vaccine efforts to steal science and discovery for themselves.


As the protests in Belarus reach the one month mark, President Lukashenko shows no sign of bending. Meanwhile, the original leaders of the protest movement continue to disappear.


A roadside bomb aimed at Afghanistan’s Vice President killed ten people. The attack came as the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban are set to resume peace talks.


A day after Greece quarantined 12,000 refugees due to the coronavirus on the Greek island of Lesbos, a fast-moving fire tore through the refugee camp. Now, most of the 12,000 refugees are homeless.

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