5 Recommended Reads for Your Sunday Morning

Here are 5 recommended reads from the past week for your Sunday morning:

  • Iran Gains Ground in Afghanistan – This article makes me wonder if I should put more time into the series on Afghanistan I have been wanting to do, or the one on America’s Next War. In either event, for those wanting to understand where the Middle East and Afghanistan are moving to, this is a good place to start.
  • How Credit Raters Ducked Reforms – Don’t let the boring title fool you. This article is key insight on understanding how our economy, the American and the global economy, are just as broken today as they were in 2007-08. Nothing was fixed!
  • A Huge Problem in Science – As I said in this podcast episode, the problem of our times is not just “fake news.” Our society has embraced a shifting paradigm of what factual and truth really are. (And by the way, there is a difference between facts and truth.)
  • Only Six Nations Have Evaluated Preparedness for a Global Pandemic – Key quote in this article: “The annual number of disease outbreaks around the globe has more than tripled since 1980, and air travel spreads contagions across oceans far more often.”
  • Greatest Threats Around the World – This study from the Pew Research Center shows what people are most afraid of around the world.

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