9 Life & Death Struggles You Probably Missed This Week That Dwarf The NFL/President Trump Feud

Following are nine stories and crises taking shape in the world this past week that have received nowhere near enough attention in the western media. Instead we have been focused on the feud between President Trump and the NFL and the sudden debate over patriotism and proper posture for the national anthem.

  1. The Plague, that little disease that nearly wiped out humanity a few centuries ago, has popped its head and killed 19 in Madagascar.
  2. The death toll in the Mexico earthquake jumped to 355 this Friday.
  3. Following the hurricane hit only a couple weeks ago the island of Dominica has a death toll of 27 with 27 people still missing. The island could be without electricity for an entire year.
  4. Boko Haram killings have more than doubled in the last five months according to a report from Amnesty International. At least 380 people have been killed by the terrorist group since April in the Lake Chad region.
  5. Puerto Rico is devastated by the recent hurricanes. Death counts are not known. The island may be without power for half a year. See this one also.
  6. The Rohingya refugees fleeing Myanmar have now topped to half million mark.
  7. The situation for tens of thousands in the US Virgin Islands is approaching apocalyptic conditions following the recent hurricanes.
  8. An independence vote in Catalonia brought a violent response from the Spanish police with over 700 listed as injured currently.
  9. Last week at about the same time the media was aflame with images of NFL players taking a knee in protest to President Trump, a man went into a Tennessee church and began firing. We have barely heard anything about this in the week since.

These tragedies and crises deserve our attention. Unfortunately our attention has been hijacked, first by a President too seduced by his own narcissistic tendencies to avoid provocation and secondly by a media establishment too easily fooled by easy click bait rather than an adherence to journalistic integrity and responsibility. The NFL/Trump feud is not the result of a divisive issue. It is the result of a nation too easily provoked by nonsense rather than attention to genuine life and death struggles.

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