The Truth About “Born This Way”

So far in our exclusive podcast series LGBT Facts & Fictions we have explored the history of LGBT, the science, and the issue of civil rights and gay rights. We found that in spite of a lot of assumptions in the media, there has never been found any biological or genetic basis for LGBT. It simply is not out there. Although great effort and expense has been invested in the cause, science has never found evidence to support a “born this way” reality.


Still, many important things in life that are true and real have little science to support them. My personal faith, the love between a husband and a wife, and other important elements of life are not backed by scientific of biological realities. This does not disprove their realities.


Can a person be born LGBT? Today we release three episodes that go into depth to answer this question and explain why many people believe they are “born this way.” Perception becomes a person’s reality. These episodes explain how the modern perception of born this way was created and what it’s consequences will be.


All three episodes are now available for download to Premium Members at the End of History.


Born this Way? It’s Complicated – Part 1


Born this Way? It’s Complicated – Part 2


Born this Way? It’s Complicated – Part 3


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