LGBT A Christian Perspective – Podcast Episode FOR CHRISTIANS ONLY

This final episode in our podcast series LGBT Facts & Fictions looks at the issue from a distinctly Christian perspective. (WARNING: Non-Christians will not enjoy or find this episode enlightening.)

We look at the fundamental principles that Christians should consider when looking at the LGBT issue. Two questions come to mind as we look at this: Is it possible to hold a non Christian worldview and oppose LGBT and NOT be a bigot? And, is it possible to hold a Christian worldview and NOT see the LGBT issue as morally wrong?


the End of History

Episode 175: LGBT – A Christian Perspective

christian perspective lgbt

The LGBT podcast series informs Christians of the factual history and science behind LGBT. To create an informed and educated perspective to supplement faith based positions.


You can download this entire series beginning with Part 1 in the series LGBT FACTS & FICTIONS by clicking here.

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