Depression, Let’s Talk


Last week I released several new podcast episodes as part of the LGBT Facts & Fictions series. One of those episodes discussed the overwhelming and alarming statistics detailing the level of misery much of the world lives in today. These statistics show a modern human civilization that possesses the greatest wealth, freedom and levels of opportunity in history yet is racked with anxiety, fear and depression like never before.


The World Health Organization has highlighted one of these issues, depression, in a recent campaign called Depression, Let’s Talk.


According to the WHO:


  • More than 322 million people around the world are struggling with depression today
  • There was an 18% spike in diagnosed cases of depressions between 2005 and 2015
  • The depression epidemic has led to a drop in worldwide productivity, costing the global economy more than $1 trillion annually, the report said.
  • Depression has led to 800,000 deaths per year
  • More than half of those struggling with depression don’t receive treatment


We live in two different worlds. The first world is one of illusions and dominates our perspectives through non-stop media saturation and exposure. The second world is one that surrounds us and is filled with people struggling to find hope and answers to the problems of their life. Unfortunately the first world often hides the second from our points of view.


As I discussed in the podcast episodes last week, many of the major social issues we are encountering today are not political issues at all. They are issues concerning real and hurting human beings who are desperately looking for answers.

As we continue the series on LGBT Facts & Fictions I hope listeners to the podcast will recognize that recognizing right from wrong is only part of our responsibility – compassion is just as important.

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