Economic Inequality Podcast Series – NOW AVAILABLE AT SOUNDCLOUD!!

In 2013 the End of History released one of its most popular podcast series, The History of Economic Inequality. This economic inequality podcast series traces the history of the US economy and what gave rise to the growing disparity between rich and poor we see today. It counters a lot of the orthodoxy of groups like “Occupy Wall Street” but also emphasizes how the issues are much more significant than most Americans realize.


In the course of the series I pointed out that if these changes in the American economy had taken place overnight they would have been cause for a revolution in the US. Instead they were spread out over the course of several decades so we think our polarized reality is normal. Unfortunately, that normal is leading to growing divides and polarization in America.


In 2013 I warned that a lot of the issues we were seeing at that time would lead to growing social unrest and upheaval. We are seeing these realities today. If you want to understand the economic realities that sit beneath much of the frustration and anger in American society today, check out this podcast series.


It is available for free now at our SoundCloud page here.

economic inequality podcast series

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