Happy New Year and 2018 End of History Plans

Happy New Year everyone! I love fresh beginnings and planning ahead and there are big plans for the End of History this year. For those who follow the podcast and web site regularly here is what you can expect in 2018.

  1. A tighter focus on the Middle East. This has always been one of our most popular topics here at the web site. In a recent episode you heard how I believe we are watching the collapse of the Middle East take place currently. As part of this historical development you will find more articles and podcasts relating to the Middle East at the End of History in 2018.
  2. Completion of the History of Terrorism podcast series. This has been a fun one to do but the series will wrap up in 2018. Once that podcast series is completed you will still be able to find profiles on different terrorist groups and events at the End of History.
  3. Coming some time in 2018, probably closer to the second half of the year we will present a new podcast series on the history of debt (not sure what the title will be). This podcast series will focus on the development of the US and global economies and why we are in a lot more dangerous shape than we are being led to believe.

Thanks for following the End of History this past year. All of our podcast episodes are free and can be found at the web site and at SoundCloud.

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Our focus is on honest and reasonable perspectives of the historical events and times we live in while also building an understanding of how we got here.

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