Lebanon’s Prime Minister Resigns

This resignation came as a big surprise early this morning. For those of us who pay attention to what is taking shape in the Middle East this is a story we need to pay attention to.

Lebanon prime minister resigns

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Key Points to Take Note Of:

  1. Notice that the announcement was made by the Lebanese Prime Minister in Saudi Arabia – not from his own office in Lebanon.
  2. His complaint was not against political enemies but against Iran – who is currently involved in a regional power struggle and war with Saudi Arabia.
  3. Hariri is not a model of political virtue. He is a political aristocrat from a leading family in Lebanon with long history of political influence, power and links throughout the region with Sunni powers.

Bottom Line:

Unfortunately Lebanon is a secondary player to what is actually taking place here. This is a prelude to the next and future phase of the Syrian conflict, as well as the war in Yemen. This is about the regional war that is playing out in the Middle East between two radical Islamic powers: the Saudis represent the Sunnis and Iran represents the Shiites.

(Be watching for a future podcast series I am working on “The Collapse of the Middle East.”


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Lebanon prime minister resigns

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