How to Listen to the Podcast

We have had several reports of listeners having problems downloading the End of History podcats on the iPhone using the iTunes podcast app. We have researched this pretty aggressively and here is what we have found:


  1. You can still download via iTunes on Mac
  2. You can still download on Android podcast apps.
  3. You can still stream the podcasts


These results tell us one thing: the problem is with the iTunes podcast app and not on our end. We are very sorry for this but is seems once a year we have a problem with the iTunes podcast app. At this point we are no longer pursuing a fix here. (This is not a bash on Apple. We use Mac to make all our podcast episodes.) The iTunes podcast app is simply not very good software.


If you want to try and fix the issue on your end here is a link you might check out.


Our encouragement to listeners is to consider utilizing a different app for listening to podcasts on your iPhone. In our research of this issue we have found a lot of frustration on the web regarding the iTunes podcast app. This particular issue is only one of them.

The highest rated app for iPhone to replace the iTunes podcast app is called Overcast. You might check it out.




You can always stream directly from the web site here at


For those who prefer to listen to the episodes via streaming you can also listen to the End of History via the Stitcher App. Here is a link to our show page at Stitcher.


Streaming or Download


You can find us on Google Play here.


Other Podcast Apps


  • Pocket Cast
  • BeyondPod
  • Podkicker (this is the one JB uses on his Android phone)
  • Dogg Catcher
  • Player FM
  • Podcast Republic


You can find all of these in your Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Most of them have a free version.


Once you download and install the app just add the End of History by searching for the feed through the app. Search “the End of History” or “JB Shreve presents the End of History.” When you find it, subscribe and new episodes should be automatically added to your phone or device.


Download and listening to podcasts is VERY SIMPLE. If you are finding it to be a challenged we highly recommend you try a different app to listen to them on.




You will want to get your new listening method confirmed quickly. There are some really good new podcast episodes coming this week.


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