50th Anniversary of the Six Days War [FREE PODCAST EPISODE DOWNLOAD]

This week marked the 50th Anniversary of the Six Days War of 1967 between Israel and the surrounding Arab nations. This was a game changing moment not only for Israel but for the history of the Middle East region and ultimately for world history.

To commemorate this anniversary we are pulling one of our early podcast episodes out of the archives and making it available to you for free download today. This podcast episode on the Six Days War was originally published in 2012 and it is only the tenth podcast episode we did at the End of History.

This tells the dramatic story of the Six Days War and is part of the larger podcast series on the History of the Modern Middle East from the End of History. If you like this episode consider becoming a Premium Member and downloading the entire podcast series. You might also want to check out the very next episode in the series “The Effects of the 1967 Six Days War on the Middle East.”


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