US FBI Director Anticipates Terrorist Diaspora

FBI Director James Comey managed to issue a victory statement in combination with a warning for the future last month in his statement regarding the imminent defeat of ISIS. He explained that as ISIS loses more and more ground in Iraq and Syria thanks to the ongoing military campaign against them the world should be concerned about a “terrorist diaspora” from the region in the coming years.


The Good  News – ISIS is losing ground, and you’re welcome because our strategy is working

The Bad News  – They’re going to go set up shop elsewhere, and we don’t really have a strategy for that yet


The statement demonstrates the complexity of the war against ISIS and other terrorist groups in the region. It is not a war that can be won by military means alone.


It also understates the fact that the pending terrorist diaspora will not be made up of former ISIS fighters alone. The region now has a generation that has grown up in the shadow of war and exploding bombs. They have seen the corruption of their local leaders as well as the impotence of western powers.


The bad news, is a lot worse than we are willing to admit in public right now.


Currently the world’s largest refugee crisis since World War II is only growing and the world can do nothing to prevent that. As this crisis grows it is going to converge with a larger and larger population of people who have no home, no hope, and world views that are colored by death and tragedy alone.


This is not going to get better any time soon. These are issues the next US President will have to confront and rhetoric alone is not going to be enough.


Learn more about the refugee crisis and how this crisis is only going to get worse in the End of History podcast episode The Sinking Ship.

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