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  • Access to Bonus Episodes released ONLY to Premium Members
  • Access to Bonus content that will be periodically released in the course of each End of History series. These episodes will provide more detailed background information and stories to assist in making you an expert on the topic.
  • Periodic Bonus Episodes featuring analysis of current events

Premium Membership is a $2.25/month bargain. Cheaper then a magazine, a book, and even a cup of coffee, $2.25 gets you immediate access to hundreds of hours of archived episodes and turns your drive to work into a virtual classroom.

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Some of The Latest Premium Episodes

  1. ISIS: The History & The Tragedy
  2. GOD BLESS ISRAEL : The Story of Christian Zionism, Separating Truth from Fiction
  3. Ferguson Missouri and America Coming Undone
  4. American Values & The Torture Report
  5. History of American Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Past Series Available to Premium Members

  1. Economic Inequality in the US: History and Reality
  2. History of the Modern Middle East
  3. History of the European Union
  4. History of India
  5. History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


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