The End of History has been going strong for more than 5 years. In that time we have published more than 200 podcast episodes, a dozen different podcast series and countless articles that present a unique perspective on the world and issues of our generation. We feel this web site and podcast fills a specific need during the current times. As the world around us disappears into greater division and anxiety a voice for relevant and applicable truth needs to be heard. That need is what drives this podcast. We encourage you to download every series and podcast available through the End of History, either directly at the web site or through your favorite podcast app. You can also utilize SoundCloud and Stitcher to listen.


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JB Shreve has observed firsthand the impact and effectiveness of this school on children from all walks of life and backgrounds. Prism provides a values based, quality education to its students, delivered through a staff of teachers and administrators who share a common set of values and vision for the children.

In a world growing increasingly unstable and lawless, Prism Education Center is a safe haven for the development of knowledge, character and principle centered future leaders to develop.

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