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Every once in a while we have a user who is unfamiliar with podcasts. They get a little lost on the web site. If this is you, then this page should answer all your questions. 

First, this web site is the host site for the End of History podcast. Most episodes are part of a larger series. (See series titles below!) The idea? By listening to a complete series you can become an expert on the specific topic being discussed. Most people like to listen to podcasts on their smartphones while they drive to work or school but you can listen on your computer too if you prefer. 

In addition to the series there are also bonus episodes. The bonus episodes usually address specific issues within a series in greater depth. Sometimes they are focused on a specific topic in the news and JB provides more background info and a little perspective. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the End of History is not political and does not have a political agenda. All of the episodes and series are presented from a values based position. JB gets kind of focused on the facts rather than the ideology. 

Before we talk about the different series and episodes we should mention a few things about the name of the podcast: the End of History. First, this is not an end of the world podcast. Sorry conspiracy geeks but that is not the aim here. The name comes from a play on several things including a famous book by a neo con in the 1990s and the idea of the issues of history being the fruit of seeds sown long before in past history. The best way to understand the name is to listen to the first episode from 2012.

Types of Series and Episodes

The most current series is always available free. You can listen to them on the web site as well as download them here but most people like to listen on their smart phones. On the home page there is a list of links on the right side of the page that will take you to different apps you can use to download the podcast on your smart phone. iTunes is the most popular program on the iPhone but we like Beyondpod for Android devices. Check those links out and then just use the app to search for “JB Shreve presents the End of History.” Once you find it subscribe and you can start downloading episodes on your smart phone. Pretty easy! Also, here is a link to the current series. New episodes come out usually every week. 

Past Series

There are a lot of past series you can also download. These are not available through iTunes or the other podcast apps. You have to download directly from the web site through your phone or computer. You also have to be a Premium Member which runs $2.25 a month. Once you sign up you get immediate access to hundreds of hours of past episodes. 

Past series include: History of the Modern Middle East, History of the European Union, History of India, Economic Inequality and others… Each series is at least 12 individual episodes in length. Notice that on the home page all of these series can be address by clicking on their specific icon or album art. 

Bonus Episodes

Then there are bonus episodes. These feature specific topics more depth than the current series is going to go. They also feature important topics currently in the news. These are released periodically and available to all Premium Members as part of their membership. 

That should make it easy for you to figure the site out and find the podcast you are looking for. Please help spread the word about the End of History to your friends. Follow JB on Facebook and on Twitter to keep track of the latest episodes and news. Sign up for the newsletter on the home page as well!