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JB Shreve is the author of "How the World Ends: Understanding the Growing Chaos." He has been the host of the End of History podcast since 2012 where he helps believers understand how the world works and how our faith fits. He has degrees in International Relations and Middle East Studies. His other books include the Intelligence Brief Series. Regular posts and updates from JB Shreve are available at www.theendofhistory.net
10 Reasons why the Democratic Party could never get my vote as a values based voter.
A look at reasons why a values based voter could vote Democrat.
The counter to the previous article in this series. This one looks at 10 Reasons Why I Could Not Be A Republican and a values based voter.
A look at some of the best reasons to be a Republican.

ISIS Timeline

ISIS Timeline Infographic

American Woman

There is a popular trend in American media and even policy to point out the struggle of women in different cultures around the world. No doubt the burden women carry globally is enormous and they often bear the brunt of oppression and injustice in both the developed and developing...
Bruce Jenner, Transgenderism...and It's Okay To Know This Is Not Right
The 1980s witnessed the emergence of fundamentalist Islam in the Middle East and American foreign policy had its part to play in this movement. From the Siege of Mecca to Afghanistan and al-Qaeda this episode tells the story of how US foreign policy partnered with a rising jihadist movement...
This is a graphic of the 1967 Six Days War timeline. It goes well with my podcasts and guides on the story. Learn more about the Six Days War here: A Complete and Balanced Guide to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Chapter 11: The Six Days War of 1967.  You can...
This second episode in our series on American Foreign Policy in the Middle East covers the years 1967-1980.