Biblical perspectives and considerations regarding the major issues of the world around us.

good samaritan

Ep. 203 – A Good Samaritan Posture in a God Bless America World

Identity politics, from the left or the right, do not fit into the standard called for by Christ. How do we carry a Good Samaritan perspective in a God Bless America world?
whose side is god on

Whose Side is God On?

The recent spate of political leaders' claim that God is on their side gives us pause to consider how do we really know whose side God is on.

Ep. 147 – Post Truth

Oxford Dictionaries has named “Post-Truth” as the 2016 word of the year. In this podcast episode we look at the ways we left the truth behind in 2016. This has been a long time coming though and JB Shreve looks back to the culture wars of the 1990s as well as the moral philosophies of absolutes and relativism that helped us to get here.
romans 13 and christian politics

The Unnecessary Debate Over Romans 13

Attorney General Jeff Sessions stirred up an unnecessary debate within the media and among Christians about Romans 13 and Christian politics.

Who Is In Charge?

We live in a time when we can no longer believe what we see, hear, or know to be factual. What was once right is now wrong. What was once wrong is now right. There is no clear definition of truth. The loss of truth and absolute standards of right and wrong is resulting is catastrophic cultural conditions.

Pandemic Devotional #16 – Give Us A King

JB Shreve is joined by Terrell Spencer for this morning's pandemic devotional. Terrell talks about the desire to take control of things and how Israel cried out for a king. So all the elders of Israel...

Justice – Podcast Devotional

JB Shreve looks at the multiple deaths of unarmed African-Americans that have dominated the media and cultural landscape in recent days. The cry of a believer's heart should be one for justice at this...
what have you been hearing from the christians

What Have You Been HEARING From the Christians? – Interpreting Music For Our Youth

When was the last time a familiar song sprang to life in your mind? Music is a powerful art form that can sear memories into your brain, shape the way you think, and ultimately...

Pandemic Devotional – Try A Little Tenderness

JB Shreve and Dr. Malachi Nichols bring you this morning's pandemic update and then take a look at the ideas of tenderness and compassion in the midst of a lockdown environment. It says, Be kind...
the journey and the name

The Journey and the Name

The world is getting darker, more perplexing, more frustrating, more anxious. In the midst of all of that, there is hope. There is a design for how believers should live their life. There is...